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Ford Eco-Sport Ground Clearance Kit (Rear) Set of 2 Pcs, Front not Required

Ford Eco-Sport Ground Clearance Kit (Rear) Set of 2 Pcs, Front not Required

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Key Features:-

  • Pioneer in manufacturing official Ground Clearance Kits for Cars since 2014.
  • This GC Kit helps increase the Ground Clearance of Car by 20 to 25 M.M.
  • Engineered by using high density premium graded material so as to render optimum performance.
  • It helps conquers the worst road conditions and passes over to the speed breakers effortlessly and without scraping the underbody part of your car.
  • Easy Installation process, any local mechanic can easily install this Kit. We provide visual detailed kit installation package.


This kit avoids scrapping the ground on steep driveways and speed bumps and conquers the worst-off road conditions. Thanks to the increase ground clearance. Effortlessly passes over to the speed breakers where previously you have to be cautious. Improves the overall stance and look of your vehicle and increases ground clearance of Car by 20 to 25 MM which additionally also allows you to fit custom tires and rims. It saves on replacing weary coils by simply installing this ground clearance kit. Installation of this Kit is very easy. You can install this kit literally at any car service station.

Product Warranty

18 Months Unconditional one time replacement warranty.

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